Wednesday, August 31, 2016

WOYWW 8-31-2016

Just a quick note today. My husband and I are at an office party where he used to work. He's visiting while I write this post!
I got a bit more cleaning done on my work desk/dining room table.  At least I got rid of the big pile of mail that was there!
The goal is to eat dinner there very soon! I did have it cleaned off earlier this year, but the table is a convenient midway point between the living room and kitchen, and has a tendency to accumulate a lot of stuff, especially since we are still unpacking.
I haven't made any new cards this week, but did get some much needed cardstock on sale at Michael's (I love Michael's). This month I have 3 birthdays (2 for these cuties

The first picture is of my oldest grandchild holding the youngest grandchild. The older child in the second picture is my middle granddaughter celebrating the impending birth of the baby. The other birthday is for my mother-in-law , and I really should make a sympathy card for a friend. I hope to make the first birthday card tonight. Family and friends sure keep you busy!
That's it for now. Have a great day, and stop on by to see some very talented crafters.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

WOYWW 8-24-2016

It's been a while since I last posted, thanks to a cold that turned into a rip roaring sinus infection! I was under the weather for a few weeks, and last week hubby and I went away for a few days to do some nature photography at Horicon Marsh in Wisconsin. The interesting part is that we brought our 2 year old granddaughter with us, since we couldn't find a sitter and Mom had to work. I was a bit apprehensive about the whole arrangement, but it worked out pretty well. She isn't a fussy child, and pretty much goes with the flow. Her favorite thing was to play with gravel on the roads and paths!
Anyhow, back to cardmaking. I still haven't made much progress in cleaning off my dining room table. Illness and traveling will do that. It does look a little better, though. I not only want to get it cleaned off for crafting, but also for family meals!
In spite of everything, I did manage to make a card for my daughter's birthday. I'm quite proud of it. I definitely think it's one of my better ones!
I don't usually like to use ribbon and bows, just because they can be difficult! But I couldn't find my washi tape, and the bow was made of a specialty ribbon, where you pull on a thread and it ties itself up into a bow. Not bad, huh?
That's all for now! Hop on over to and check out some really talented people. Happy Wednesday!